A beautiful young woman, left with the burden of running her father’s pub after his death in the rough and dangerous sailor town of Tortuga has grown both tired and cold to those around her. But, when a mysterious and intoxicating man asks for a place to lay low, she finds herself immediately attacked to the danger and release he promises. Will one night be enough to satisfy their cravings before he is back on the run?


Excerpt: He was close to her as she pulled a pan from the brick oven. She set it down on the wooden table and stood, staring at the cake for a moment, a small grin forming on her lips.

“Sara, it smells amazing.” She felt his fingertips pull back her hair from the side of her neck. His cheek brushed against the now bare skin.

“It looks absolutely…irresistible.” He began giving her small kisses at the bottom of her cheek, kissing down the side and back of her neck. Each spot where his lips touched burst like thousands of small electrical sparks. Her pulse immediately picked up and she became very aware of the hard-as-steel phallus pressing against her skirts. She knew she should refuse him, but perhaps it was the rum, or the deep need for relief, or both that caused her to push back against him.

“I told you…no one wants to be alone.” His voice was low, husky, practically a growl.

Sara turned to face him and locked eyes. “You’re right. No one wants to be alone. But sometimes, to be safe, it’s better to keep locked away.” Her own voice was dripping with desire, folded with intensity.  “You can trust me. I always keep treasures safe.”


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Author Short Bio: T.J. Smith, writing as Jillian Brooks, is an accomplished writer and writing instructor. She holds an M.A. in English and is a current doctoral candidate. She is also a member and volunteer of the RWA and NCTE. In addition to short stories, she has written and published several articles and is currently working on paranormal romance/erotica novels.


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